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Acting Up Theatre Productions

For Children Who LOVE to Perform

For those children who LOVE to perform, the opportunity lies here! Acting Up Children’s Productions produce theatre shows that take place on a regular basis.

Each year Acting Up Productions invite students from it’s sister company Acting Up Children’s Theatre School to audition to take part in their annual productions. At all of our performances you’ll see students blossom with increased confidence and self-esteem as they demonstrate their latest singing, dancing and acting skills.

From taking on a leading role to being part of the chorus. The experience of taking part in a Theatre Productions are endless.

Some of the benefits of performing include:

  • building and developing self-confidence.
  • promoting self-motivation and self-expression.
  • overcoming of fears and anxieties.
  • developing skills in memory.
  • expressing creative flare.
  • problem-solving through dealing with unexpected situations and team building, including social interaction and cooperation.

A Truly Positive Experience

Acting Up Productions will take the following steps to ensure that our performances are a positive experience for each of our students:

  • By selecting material that is of an appropriate level for the performers.
  • By scheduling enough rehearsal time for students learn and practise the script.
  • By providing positive feedback to students throughout the rehearsal process.
  • By providing each student with a costume, that they are comfortable performing in.
  • By ensuring there are enough teachers, classroom assistants or registered chaperone backstage to supervise and assist.
  • By putting strategies in place to ensure that students are kept safe.
  • By making every effort to ensure students are not waiting for any longer than necessary during dress and technical rehearsals.
  • By congratulating students after the concert and helping them to feel proud of their hard work.
  • To help children understand that mistakes can happen and that this is okay!

Get a feel for what our Productions are all about with a look back at some of the wonderful shows that recently thrilled audiences.

Five key tips on how best to prepare for the YOUR next audition.

Our next major production is coming soon. Find out about ticket information and availability.

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